The importance of branding

The importance of branding

Your branding is probably the first thing people see, it needs to be something that is eye catching so that sticks in the mind of the potential clients that are going to see it. It is what makes your business stand out from the rest of those in the same industry as you, and draws business to you. Your prospective clients need to see that you are the answer to their problem, that your service or product is perfect for them!

A full service marketing agency will help you get the right balance for your branding. It needs to say what you want it to say without being overly forceful which can make some clients feel intimidated. A good branding can also confirm your credibility as a good solid investment that your potential clients can trust.

Your branding isn’t just about your logo, a clever jingle on your adverts or dayglow signs to grab attention – it is also about the way your staff behave. If you have a customer service hotline but the advisors have no telephone etiquette, they can come across as rude and unhelpful. This is not how you want your brand to be perceived. Training is therefore critical, and a full service marketing agency can guide you through this every step of the way, thereby ensuring you always offer a polished finish and professional manner to your clients.

Your brand is also your promise to your clients, that you will offer good value for money, will be reliable and efficient, you will sell a quality product and offer a top notch after sales service. Whatever your line of business, your brans is what sells you, it is what brings customers back for more, and it is the reason why people will recommend you to everyone they know!

Managed print solutions for big businesses

Managed print solutions for big businesses

When you have a large business you have a lot of extra headaches to consider. You have to think about all your personnel needs, your overheads, there really is a lot going on. When you swap out your old conventional printing system for a managed print system you will find you can save a lot of money, time and effort. Not only that you will be making swift improvements on the size of your company’s carbon footprint as a managed print solution is also eco-friendly.

Managed print solutions are also much more secure than standard printing systems. There is less risk of security breaches and confidentially will not be impaired when changing to a newer system. The document protection system is much more superior to conventional printing methods.

The customer service and helplines are also excellent, this means your company can avoid paying for an in-house IT specialist or third party. This can save the company a lot of money over the long term. Other money saving features are the fact that the system uses less energy, up to 30% less which can make a massive difference to your utility bills. You waste less consumables including toner and paper as the managed print system can automatically send documents to save you printing them out.

A print management system can save you so much time around the office you can get through much more work during the day. This is great for productivity and is a real bonus for those who struggle with time management.


Best fruits for a smoothie

Best fruits for a smoothie

Whether you are new to smoothies or not, there is no harm in trying out a few different fruits in your drink. Many people find that they really enjoy a strawberry or banana smoothie, sometimes mixing both these fruits together – but why not trying some more exotic fruits such as mangos, or pineapple which are both really tasty and make great delicious smoothies.

If you like berries then you have options such as raspberries and blueberries, both have excellent antioxidant properties and are the ideal addition for healthy smoothie recipes. Some people like to have their drink in one colour which means using peaches and mangos in a drink together, not only will it be a lovely colour it will also make a refreshing smoothie.

If you want healthy smoothie recipes that also have healing properties then you might want to consider adding cranberries into your drink. This is very good for the urinary tract, and can help ease the symptoms of complaints such as cystitis.

For an added boost of fibre you can always add in some seeds, flax seeds (also known as linseed) are a good addition, but you can also use pine nuts or sunflower seeds which can add a nutty texture and taste to your drink. These are great for your digestive system.

Green drinks are often considered the healthiest, so you can use avocado and kiwi alongside kale and cucumber and for a real green boost you can always put in a spoonful of spirulina, a great dietary supplement that is considered a superfood, which can be added to several healthy smoothie recipes.

Options for postcard printing

Options for postcard printing

It might sound simple – print postcards as a simple marketing tool and get a few more customers. However, there are plenty of different options when it comes to your postcards so you need to make a few decisions before you send your order to the printers. Think about the following:


  • The size of postcard that you want. You can opt for a standard size or go for something a little bigger if you want to make more of an impact with your marketing campaign.
  • You need to decide on the design that you want. Do you want it to be simple? Dramatic? Colourful? Whether you are working on this yourself or you have a professional designer on the case you need to give this some careful consideration – this is what will have an effect on the way that the customer sees you.
  • The finish – do you want a matt or glossy finish? A matt finish is often a cheaper option and is ideal if you are on a tight budget, but a glossy finish to the paper is perfect if you want to create a little more impact. It gives the impression that you have invested more in your marketing campaign.
  • The number of postcards that you need. A smaller amount is ideal if you are targeting a specific group of potential customers, such as those that have already purchased from you. However, if you want to bring in a lot more customers you will be needing a lot more cards so you have to allow for this in your budget.


Do not underestimate the potential impact that a marketing campaign of this type can have. If you order print postcards you can dramatically increase your customer base – you just need to get all the factors right first!

5 Advantages of Wireless Home Security Cameras

5 Advantages of Wireless Home Security Cameras

As technology continues to advance, security cameras are nothing like they used to be and are constantly improving general security of buildings. Security cameras in London and other places where crime rates are high, installing security cameras in your home is essential for effective security. Wireless cameras have made security even easier and are very simple to install and use. Here are more reasons why wireless home security cameras are great:

  1. Without Wires

The system is wireless so works with frequencies and can easily be mounted wherever you want without any wires. Even if a burglar cuts your phone and power lines the cameras will still set the alarm off.

  1. Reduce Insurance

With safer security measures your home insurance will decrease by up to 20%.

  1. Immediate Alerts

The security camera system can be connected to your online digital devices with a monitoring service. When the alarm is triggered you will receive an instant notification via text, email or mobile app as well as an instant call to the police. Therefore intruders can be caught straight away and damage to the home can be prevented or repaired quickly.

  1. Live Monitoring

When the system is connected to your digital devices online, live video feeds can be watched from every camera no matter where you are. As well as monitoring for security you can also keep an eye on children, pets and babysitters when you are unavailable.

  1. Home Automation

An amazing feature from wireless cameras is home automation, which is also connected to your digital devices. With this feature you can lock doors, switch lights on and off, change the level of the thermostat and turn the security system on and off. This is amazing for when you are out or even when you are inside your home.

How Much Hot Water Can Be Generated By Solar Panels?

How Much Hot Water Can Be Generated By Solar Panels?

When you have a solar thermal heating system installed it is important to know if it is efficient and generating enough hot water for your household. When you get the panels and system installed, you should have worked out how many metres square of solar panels you would need to cover the hot water usage for each person in the household.

In general, a solar thermal system should provide around 60% of your household hot water needs, as long as it is installed properly and maintained when needed. From April through to September most of your hot water used will be generated by the solar panels and throughout the rest of the year a good contribution will be made.

The advantages of a solar thermal heating system depend on a range of factors:

  • How much hot water the property uses on average. The more hot water that it used, the more you will benefit from the system.
  • How well you adapt to make the most of the free, solar-warmed water. For example having showers in the evening rather than the morning will use the systems water as the sun is not a 24 hour power source and is only out during the day.
  • The size of your home’s cylinder will affect how much water can be held. If your cylinder is small and there have been a few stormy days without sun you will have no solar heated water left to use.
  • Quality of cylinder and pipe insulation, so less heat is lost.
  • How you control your back up heater, if you cannot programme the hot water and central heating separately you cannot benefit from the solar heated water when the home heating is turned on.

Ten Necessary Tools for Every Home

Ten Necessary Tools for Every Home

Tools come in useful when you are doing DIY projects, repairing and sometimes when you are not expecting it. There are some tools which are unnecessary for every household, but there are also some that everyone should have just in case. Tools are inexpensive and easy to find at hardware stores and builders merchants in Surrey or your nearest store. Here are the top ten tools every home should have:

  1. Hammer

Great for odd jobs such as putting up pictures, everyone needs a hammer.

  1. Screwdrivers

Have a set with different sizes in both flat and cross head designs. Small ones are good for replacing batteries in toys and gadgets, fixing sunglasses and car repairs. Electric screwdrivers and drill heads are useful for bigger jobs to prevent blistered hands.

  1. Tape Measure

Coming in all shapes and sizes, get a heavy duty one that doesn’t bend when you are measuring.

  1. Spirit Level

Use this to make sure anything you build or connect is level, the bigger the spirit level the more accurate the reading.

  1. Wire Detector

Before you drill or nail in to a wall, use this to check there are no cables and prevent damage to you or your home.

  1. Saw

Different saws can cut wood, trees, metal, piping and even flooring. There are some general purpose saws which are useful for any cutting, make sure to store it well so it stays sharp without rust.

  1. Stanley Knife

A craft knife is very useful as blunt blades can be snapped off or replaced and a new sharp one is constantly ready. Use it to cut almost anything but always place something underneath so you don’t cut the floor.

  1. Metal Ruler

Use the metal ruler alongside the Stanley knife to get a straight cut.

  1. Paint Brushes

For small touch up jobs and even dusting hard to reach areas, a few different sized brushes are great.

  1. Adjustable Spanner

Tighten nuts and bolts of all sizes with this tool.

Frameless Glass Doors in Oxfordshire: A Shopper’s Guide to These Modern Marvels

Frameless Glass Doors in Oxfordshire: A Shopper’s Guide to These Modern Marvels

A glass door in your bathroom makes sense because it doesn’t chip or rust in water, plus as long as you have bleach and detergent on hand, they’re a breeze to clean up even when mildew and mold forms around them.


Your Frameless Glass Doors in Oxfordshire Benefits


You have other popular doors like external French doors or sliding interior doors, but they cannot quite compare to frameless glass doors in terms of longevity and the ability to see through them partially or totally, thus allowing them to be used as patio doors or balcony doors when overlooking a particularly breathtaking view.


The Bottom Line When It Comes to Choosing Frameless Glass Doors in Oxfordshire


You can purchase a door installed with supporting enclosures, along with the frameless glass door or you can buy the glass door alone without the enclosures included. Your shower-room needs will dictate the best course of action. Your shower room needs should dictate how you would go about planning your installation.


Reasons to Make Strawberry Smoothie a Part of Your Breakfast

Reasons to Make Strawberry Smoothie a Part of Your Breakfast

One of the most essential meals of the day is the breakfast and one must ensure that they have a protein filled and healthy breakfast. It is vital that you fill yourself with the much required nutritional ingredients which will keep you energetic and healthy all through the day.

Smoothies, particularly strawberry smoothies, are recommended to include as a part of your breakfast because these help you to have a solid yet refreshing breakfast. This is why, cooks and chefs try out different varieties of smoothies to make them healthier and tastier keeping intact their wide array of benefits.

The reasons why you should make strawberry smoothies a part of your breakfast are mentioned below:

  1. Making strawberry smoothies a part of your breakfast will help you to lose weight. These smoothies work in a very natural way and do not hit back with any kind of repercussion.
  2. They make a healthy part of breakfast and you can add varieties of nuts, fruits and vegetables as well dairy and non-dairy products to make them healthier and more delicious.
  3. They work as a healthy antioxidant and help to fight off signs of ageing and a good list of diseases.
  4. Strawberry smoothies, when consumed at breakfast, act as energy booster, and at the same time they help to make digestion better.
  5. Strawberries are great for skin, these make your skin appear clearer and, when taken regularly, make your skin glow. You will enjoy all these benefits of strawberry for healthy skin when you will consume these rich berries as smoothies.
  6. These smoothies work as a fantastic meal replacement drink, and at the same time help to reduce hunger cravings.

Hence there are enough good reasons to include strawberry smoothies as parts of your breakfast apart from the incredible tastes these smoothies offer.

Keep an eye on your business while you are away

Keep an eye on your business while you are away

Have you considered remote monitoring as a security solution? When you are not able to monitor your own security, speak to your security camera installers to see if they can offer you a remote monitoring service. If an alarm goes off they can monitor your cameras to see if there really is an intruder, or something happening that shouldn’t be, for example vandalism. If there is they can call the police on your behalf to get you help as soon as possible. If the alarm appears to not be an emergency they can call the key holder to go out to the property.

This is a simple and cost effective solution to your premises security. When compared to hiring several security guards or night watchmen to do the same job, it could actually save you money. Your security camera installers can design a great remote monitoring plan with you, it may be that your business operates 24 hours a day but would still like the added security that remote monitoring offers, or you only want the service when the premises is closed, whatever you decide they should be able to offer you a bespoke service.

Remote monitoring works by access to the live feed from your security cameras. This means your security camera installers can see everything that is happening, as it happens. If they need to contact the police on your behalf they are perfectly placed to describe the incident in detail.


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